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By leveraging insights based on analysing & predicting consumer behaviour


Cheng Yuhan

Assistant Manager (Research) at GPC

Yuhan is a enthusiastic and innovative professional with experiences in market research, international expansion, digital marketing and offline event planning. She is a quick learner and is passionate to find solutions to support businesses to grow.


  • Bachelor and Master of Biochemistry from University of Oxford, UK.


  • Yuhan has 1.5 years of desk-top research experience. Together with a team of 5 local Singaporeans coming from diverse background (media, finance, banking and etc.), they perform secondary research in Singapore, Indonesia across a diverse industry categories (e.g. Medical device, Education, F&B, etc.)
  • With a co-role in business advisory, Yuhan approaches market research results from a business perspective and brings out unique business insights.


In her role at GPC, she would be primarily looking towards market research and business advisory and to support company growth from both Singapore and Vietnam.