"Helping The Companies Maximise Opportunities”
By leveraging insights based on analysing & predicting consumer behaviour


Han Le

Qualitative Director

Han is an insightful and sound qualitative practitioner who goes beyond the truth to bring values to clients that she has been working with. She is keen to play as a team with her clients to address their business issues and research objectives.


  • A Bachelor with specialization in International Business.
  • One of limited Unilever accredited moderators in Vietnam since 2012.


  • Han has over 10 years research experience in Vietnam, fluent in both online and offline qualitative studies.
  • Han's experience spanned across different business sectors, categories, types of respondents and qualitative methodologies
  • She is appreciated as a sharp & skillful moderator. Han adds values to clients through her strong analysis and understanding of Vietnam market and consumers


In her role at GPC as lead qualitative director, she brings strategic insights with her moderation skills in uncovering hidden opportunities.