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Zenta Nishida

GPC Singapore Representative

Zenta has over 20 years of rich experience in finance and consulting industry; specializing in entering overseas financial markets and business in Southeast Asia. Zenta has an international presence too. He worked in the mortgage and investment banking industry back in New York, housing loan / securitization in Japan, corporate finance, international expansion and cross-border M&A in Singapore.


  • (2017) Advised 64 companies and 105 individuals for their International Expansion to Singapore, by leading a team of consultants in the International Expansion Consulting firm. Altogether contributed S$35mil to the local economy.
  • (2006) Initiated an agency system aimed at selling housing loans in Japan.
  • (2004, Tokyo) Founded Japan’s mortgage broker (as an agency to offer mortgage transfer services among multiple financial institutions).
  • (2001, N.Y.) Supported the launching of mortgage products overseas investors.

     Personal sales record: US$ 25mil


Zenta is highly proud to be the representative of Global Partners Consulting (Singapore). As the leader of the team, he is aiming for the No. 1 Japanese consulting firm in International Expansion. The motto is to provide services that “others cannot do” and “others do not want to do”.